0% Loans for MCS Certification

Available for Welsh Renewable Energy Installers

Borrow up to £2,800 for Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS Certification) assessment fees & Easy MCS Ltd MCS Certification Fees.

0% business loans of £1,500 - £2,800 are available from the Carbon Trust to help Welsh organisations finance the cost of MCS certification.

Why a 0% loan makes business sense
  • You can borrow between £1,500 - £2,800 interest free
  • Fund MCS certification costs and Easy MCS Ltd fees related to implementing a MCS001 document management system
  • The loans are government funded and unsecured
  • The application process is straightforward with no arrangement fees
  • You’ll receive a conditional offer within 1 week of your application being submitted
  • Loans must be repaid over a period of 2 years
How do I apply for the loan?

Before starting the certification process, download and submit the application form for a loan to [email protected]. Subject to the eligibility criteria, you will receive a conditional loan offer within 1 week.

Once you have received your conditional offer, you can start your application for MCS Certification with Easy MCS Ltd. The Carbon Trust will make the loan available upon receiving a valid microgeneration certification number.

If you have started the MCS Certification process with Easy MCS Ltd you can still access the loan. Apply at the earliest opportunity as the loan offer must be dated prior to the award of your MCS certificate number.

Eligible Companies?

To qualify for a loan you must be:

  • An installer of microgeneration products
  • A company registered and operating in Wales
  • Financially stable
How do I draw down the loan?

Once you receive your conditional loan offer, you can progress with your application for MCS certification. When you pass your assessment all you need to do is inform us when you receive your MCS certificate number. We will check this number against the MCS installer database on the MCS website.

  • Interest free
  • 6 months grace period
  • 24 month pay back period
Loan amounts

The amount you can borrow varies according to the number of technology types you are hoping to achieve certification for:

  • 1 technology - £1,500
  • 2 technologies - £1,700
  • 3 technologies - £2,000
  • 4 technologies - £2,400
  • 5 technologies - £2,800
MCS Certification Support

If you are a renewable energy installer in Wales and would like further information on support available for businesses contact the Energy Saving Trust on [email protected] or call 029 2047 5971. You can also contact the Easy MCS team on 0161 768 5807 to discuss starting your MCS Certification application.