Green Deal

The purpose of the Green Deal is to encourage as many people as possible to take measures to make their homes more energy efficient to reduce the homes carbon footprint and save them money. The Green Deal aims to achieve this by providing all of the upfront finance for such measures by way of a loan for homeowners.

The Green Deal fully launched on January 28th 2013 with the first Green Deal plans being authorised from this date, from October 1st 2012 Green Deal property assessments commenced along with work under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

It is the Government’s intention that there are no restrictions on who can apply for finance through the Green Deal, so potentially all of the UK’s 26 million households could take advantage. It is not means tested in the way that most benefits are and neither an applicant’s current credit commitments nor his past credit history will be taken into account. Applicants do not need to own their home to benefit and where a property is rented, either the landlord or the tenant could apply.

How does it work?

Consumers will have an independent assessment undertaken on their property by a Green Deal Advisor. This assessment will outline which energy efficiency measures could be installed and would give an energy saving compatible with the Golden Rule.

The consumer will take the results of the assessment to a Green Deal Provider, which the consumer will enter into a Green Deal with. The Green Deal Provider will contract a Green Deal Installer to undertake the work on the property.

The consumer will pay for the energy efficiency measures through the energy bill on the property. The energy company will facilitate the payment process between consumer and Green Deal provider.

What are Green Deal Installers?

Green Deal Installers deliver the energy efficiency measures for the consumer. Installers may specialise in one measure or have capabilities across all twenty four.

Green Deal Installers work closely with Green Deal Providers. They receive work specifications from the Provider. Installer details will be centrally recorded and made available by the Green Deal Oversight Body. To gain access to this register, the Installer must be certified to the standard PAS 2030, which provides direction on how to operate in the Green Deal.

What Measures are covered?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Condensing boilers
Heating controls
Under-floor heating
Heat recovery systems
Mechanical ventilation (non-dom)
Flue gas recovery devices
HVAC Controls 
Radiant Heating 

Building fabric

Cavity wall insulation
Loft insulation
Flat roof insulation
Internal wall insulation
External wall insulation
Draught proofing
Floor insulation
Heating system insulation (cylinder, pipes)
Duct Insulation
Pipework Insulation 
Sealing Improvements 


Lighting fittings
Lighting controls
Roof lights, lamps and luminaires 

Water Heating

Innovative hot water systems
Water efficient taps and showers
Hot Water Controls
Hot Water Showers
Hot Water systems
Hot Water taps


Ground, Water and Air source Heat Pumps
Solar thermal
Solar PV
Biomass boilers
Micro CHP

Other Microgeneration Related

Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
Transpired solar collectors


Energy Efficient Glazing and Doors


Variable speed drives for fans and pumps

What should I do now?

Apply at our sister company Easy Green Deal at or call our Green Deal team on 0161 768 5807, alternatively email  [email protected].