MCS Installer Standards

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an independent scheme that certifies microgeneration products and installers in accordance with a set of quality standards. It is designed to provide a minimum level of protection and assurance to consumers as well as a sign of quality to be boasted by MCS Installers. The guarantee of quality and the trust demonstrated to MCS customers illustrates the importance of becoming MCS certified and becoming a member of microgeneration certification scheme.

Being an MCS Installer is associated with the following benefits;

  • The Feed In Tariffs
  • The Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Local Authority Grant Funding
  • SAP Ratings for dwellings recognises MCS Products when determining which products are eligible for inclusion in the rating.
  • The code for sustainable homes, which is a mandatory requirement for all newly built homes, is open for the use of MCS Technologies to achieve the mininmum rating.
  • The Green Deal

By becoming an MCS certified installer you’ll start to see the benefits and guarantee your customers an excellent product and service.

All products and installers certified under the MCS are able to use the MCS mark in their advertising and promotions, their details will be listed on the MCS website for consumers to view.

The scope of the MCS Scheme is the supply, design, installation, commissioning and handover of MCS technologies.

An inspection is undertaken by an MCS Certification Body at the installers place of work and at least one installation is visited onsite to ensure that policies and procedures meet the requirements of the MCS Scheme and that the work that has been undertaken is consistent with MCS Regulations.

This MCS Scheme is available to all organisations involved in the sale, supply, design, installation, and commissioning of MCS technologies.

Consumer protection

All applicants wishing to become an MCS certified installer will have to demonstrate that they have signed up to a Code of Practice that meets the guidelines set by the Office of Fair Trading's (OFT's) Consumer Code Approval Scheme. The purpose of this is to ensure that contractors offer consumers protection, including complaints handling and a comprehensive performance prediction for products to prevent mis-selling.

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and the Home Insulation and Energy Systems Scheme (HIES) are the only acceptable Code of Practices under MCS.

For further details or to become an MCS certified installer please call our MCS advice team on 0161 768 5807.