The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) was set up by the Renewable Energy Association. RECC’s aim is to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes, and in this way promote the small-scale renewable sector. RECC’s members have agreed to comply with the high standards set out in the Code, and the RECC logo is a sign of this commitment. The Code is approved by Trading Standards Institute as part of its self-regulation initiative, the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS).

The contractual requirements set out in the Code dovetail with the technical and process standards set out in the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer standards in respect of:

  • solar photovoltaic panels
  • small-scale wind 
  • micro hydro
  • ground and air source heat pumps
  • solar thermal water heating panels
  • biomass boilers fuelled by wood chips or pellets
  • small-scale CHP units. 

RECC has developed extensive materials including a suite of guidance and model documents and an interactive training resource. The up-to-date versions are available here: these materials can be accessed by members at no additional cost. RECC will provide log-in details to applicants on request. The materials are not for resale. They are intended to help members and applicants draft their own documents so as to ensure they are compliant with consumer protection legislation and the Code. In addition the RECC team is happy to provide individual advice to any applicant or member about the Code and about any other related topic.

RECC resources include:

  • guidance on a wide range of consumer protection legislation, audit compliance checks, dealing with vulnerable consumers, third party client accounts
  • guidance on performance presentations and proposals for solar PV, ground source and air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal heating
  • model contract, cancellation forms and installer warranty documents 
  • technology-specific model proposal packs, including a covering letter for proposals, a performance estimate, a quotation and an order form, for solar PV, ground source and air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal heating
  • comprehensive interactive on-line training resource on consumer protection for members and staff to use with the facility to test comprehension and take exams

For further information see or call the Easy MCS team on 0161 768 5807. to discuss your MCS Certification. By becoming fully MCS certified you’ll be one step closer to delivering services to your customers today.