Following last week’s announcement from Scotland First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon confirming that £224m of funding has been provided for its Warmer Homes Scotland programme, we are urging installers to act now!


Installers need to move quickly to ensure that they do not miss out on the scheme, or face missing out on providing customers with access to this funding, generating more income for their businesses and helping to make the end user’s home more energy efficient.


Under the new scheme, measures such as insulation, heating and domestic renewables in households identified as fuel poor are eligible for funding to help reduce fuel bills. People in rural and island areas will be offered the same service as those in easier to reach locations.

While the funding is predicted to be available for up to seven years, the budget for year one will be up to £16m. Installer will only be able to carry out work if they are PAS 2030 or MCS certified for renewables.

The contract for the new scheme has been awarded to Warmworks (formed by a consortium of Changeworks, the Energy Savings Trust and Everwarm) and will work alongside the other Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland.

We have spoken with our contacts at Warmworks, who have supplied the following statement of advice to our customers:

“Warmer Homes Scotland is the Scottish Government’s national energy efficiency scheme, designed to deliver the best possible help to people in Scotland who are struggling to keep their homes warm and pay their energy bills.

“From September 2015, this scheme will provide a step-by-step service for householders, from the time they call up through to when the work is done. Warmer Homes Scotland will provide full support, from insulation to heating and domestic renewables, making householders homes warmer, more comfortable and affordable to run.

“Three organisations (the Energy Saving Trust, Changeworks & Everwarm) have formed a joint venture in Warmworks Scotland, created solely to deliver this scheme, and to bring improved health and financial benefits to thousands of Scottish homes.

“Warmworks Scotland has its own locally based supply chain of SME organisations, with the skills and experience to identify and install the improvements that will help households across the country to save money and stay warm. As an organisation, Warmworks places the highest value on a world-class customer experience for those who need our help the most.”

To find out more about what the Warmer Homes Scotland announcement means for you, download the Easy Green Deal guide . Our team of advisors are on hand to answer any queries you may have about gaining access to this funding – contact us today here or call Freephone 0808 163 6975