On October 5th 2015 new rules concerning fuels for the domestic RHI came into effect for those with a biomass heating system at home. The sustainability criteria have been brought in by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to ensure all biomass systems meet the government’s environment goals.


From this date all those using a biomass system must use an approved sustainable fuel from a supplier listed on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).  To qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive you must use approved fuel for your Biomass boiler.

Not applied for the Domestic RHI yet and your existing supplier is not on the BSL? You may have to switch supplier. If you use fuel from your own land then you may need to register with the BSL as a “self-supplier”. If you use your own fuel as well as buying fuel from another source you will need to register on the BSL as a produce trader.

For more information on how to register refer to the official BSL guidance.