What is the MCS?

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an independent certification scheme that certifies both microgeneration products and installers. This certification is a sign of quality, giving consumers peace of mind and assurance. As an installer looking to install MCS technologies it is essential that you achieve MCS certification. Easy MCS can help you achieve and maintain this qualification.

  • Demonstrate you are qualified
  • Recognised throughout the industry
  • Become tender compliant
  • What are the key functions under MCS?
    • What are the key functions under MCS?

      MCS certification is a sign of quality and training for both the installer and the technology being installed; this gives customers peace of mind and implies quality. MCS certification has become a recognised sign of quality in the industry, it’s essential that your business achieves this standard. Easy MCS is on hand to help you achieve and then maintain your qualification. Read more here or get in touch.

  • Why Get MCS Certification?